Can i just turn up to sessions ?

No - please email your name age and any previous combat sport experiance to andyjohnrea@gmail.com to be notified when spaces are available for new members or to be added to the waiting list.

I do other Combat Sports / White Collar / Unlicensed boxing can i still train at St John's?

No - If you are taking part in other Combat Sports or If you have signed up for a white collar / unlicensed bout go and train with whoever signed you up, we only have time for our own boxers. If you train in another combat sport, you will not be permitted to train at St John's ABC

I box for another Club - can I still train at St John’s A.B.C.?

No - not without permission from your current Club. If you are registered with another EB Club then you will not be allowed to train at St John’s A.B.C. unless your Club contacts us in advance. We welcome other Club's for sparring by arrangement but boxers from other Clubs must be accompanied by their Club coach at all times. Club coaches should contact Andy Rea to arrange sparring.

want to transfer to St John’s A.B.C. from another Club - what do I do?

Please speak to your present club and talk over your reasons for leaving before approaching us.

How old do I have to be to join St John’s A.B.C.?

We have sessions for new members from Eight years of age. We do not accept any new members under the age of Eight.

Do I need to have boxing experience to attend training sessions?

No - new starters and novice boxers are always welcome to come down to the gym and join in. However, you should note that we are a boxing club and therefore all aspects of our training involve boxing activities, which can include some degree of physical contact.

How much does it cost to train at St John’s A.B.C.?

Training fees are £3.00 per JUNIOR session and £4.00 per SENIOR session.

Do I need my own training kit?

No - St John’s A.B.C. has skipping ropes and gloves that you can borrow but we do recommend that all members buy their own kit where possible.

Will I be sparring straight away?

No - you will not spar until the coaches at the club are happy that you have learnt the skills and technique required to spar safely and you have had a medical and registered with England Boxing.

How long will I need to train before I can spar?

Every person is different so the amount of training needed to reach the standard where you can start sparring is different for everyone - some people will reach the required standard very quickly where as others may take longer.

What will I be doing during training sessions at the gym?

We try to make all the sessions different so that the training doesn't get boring and so that you have the chance to learn all the skills needed to be an amateur boxer but generally the session will consist of a warm up (skipping. shadow boxing and stretching), skill work (partner work and pad work), fitness (bag work), circuits and a warm down (skipping, shadow boxing and stretching). For more experienced boxers a session will also include some sparring and some strength training. We also include sprints and shuttle runs when required.

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